Our Team
Meet the Monkeys!

A Proactive & Adaptable Team

Like our fellow Chinese horoscope monkeys, we are intelligent but still maintain our curiosity and view everyone as teachers.
We are calm, logical thinkers who always find the best solution. As a proactive and adaptable team,
we use our combined scientific, marketing and creative skills to find tailor-made solutions to all sorts of challenges.

Kristoff | Founder

Kristoff is our “Elder Monkey” and is passionate about communications and technology. After working for more than a decade for a leading international advertising agency, he uses his experience and skills to bring complex messages from science or technology driven companies to various target audiences.

Yve | Creative Director

Yve is an experienced film director and photographer, specializing in high-end corporate films and portraits. His close-knit network ensures a consistent visual approach for a quality, tailor-made outcome.

Kim | Scientific Copywriter

Kim holds a PhD in marine biology and is a multi-disciplinary scientist, with additional experience in molecular biology and medical devices. As a critical native English speaker she can help you to tailor complex messages to any audience.

Pieter | Scientific Visual Communicator

Pieter is a marine scientist with a side-project-turned-specialty in visualizing information. He shares your enthusiasm about research and puts that energy into clear and attractive visuals.

Carole | Digital Marketeer

Carole holds a postgrad in digital marketing and communication, and a Master’s in business administration. She can’t wait to use her skills to help you polish your communication strategy.

Interested in joining the monkeys?

We are always on the lookout for new team members. Think you’ve got something to offer? Send us your CV: Hello@monkeysnotdonkeys.be