Corporate Communications


Intrexon ActoBiotics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intrexon Corporation (NASDAQ: XON) asked us to update their corporate presentations (confidential and non-confidential) to incorporate the look and feel of the new brand, as well as update timelines and product information.



We created a new PowerPoint template based on the new brand guidelines and updated and redesigned all slides to fit. We updated the copy to streamline the presentation, as well as recreating various charts and figures from the raw scientific data to ensure consistency between the slides. When necessary we assist with updating or creating new presentations or slides, coordinating internal reviews and distributing approved updated presentations. We also provided a Chinese translation of the presentation.

About the Client

ActoBio Therapeutics™ is pioneering a new class of safe, effective and easy-to-use treatments called ActoBiotics® for autoimmune and allergic disorders based on the well-characterized food-grade bacterium Lactococcus lactis. For more information, visit


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